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November 8, 2017

Electrical Safety Authority Warns Consumers of Potential Phone Scam in GTA

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has received reports that consumers in the Greater Toronto Area have been approached by representatives of a company notifying them that a mandatory electrical inspection is required at their household.  These calls are not from the Electrical Safety Authority.  The Electrical Safety Authority does not call to set up inspections or ask for … Continue reading Electrical Safety Authority Warns Consumers of Potential Phone Scam in GTA

July 25, 2016


Only a Licensed Electrical Contractor, an HVAC technician and You, the home owner, are authorized to do electrical work in your home. An HVAC technician [Heating & Cooling contractor] gets training and authorization to connect your heating and cooling equipment only.  This is so they can complete and power up the equipment they install to … Continue reading HIRE A LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR

April 1, 2016

April is Dig Safe Month

DIG SAFE – GET TO KNOW WHAT’S BELOW April is DIG SAFE month so I thought I would share some information to help you plan your outdoor Projects.  If you are going to build a deck or fence, plant a tree, install landscape lighting or repair your foundation; before you break ground call Ontario 1 … Continue reading April is Dig Safe Month

March 15, 2016

Space Heaters

A Space Heater is a small appliance that plugs into a regular 110 volt electrical outlet and is used to warm a small area or room, as opposed to a central heating system designed to warm a large area or whole building.  Space Heaters are usually used as temporary solutions to add supplemental heat to … Continue reading Space Heaters

January 21, 2016

Living with an Invisible Killer

6 Things you should know about Carbon Monoxide: It is invisible, odorless and tasteless. A CO detector is the only device that can warn you if Carbon Monoxide is at dangerous levels in your home. You would not know it was there until it was too late, now that’s silent but deadly. It can come … Continue reading Living with an Invisible Killer

December 22, 2015

Remember the 2013 Ice Storm?

Two years ago today the ice storm downed many power lines and left thousands of people without power over Christmas. Albright Electric was there to help The entire team at Albright Electric worked throughout the holidays to restore power to many homes in Toronto. Remember – downed power lines are extremely dangerous.  If you see a downed … Continue reading Remember the 2013 Ice Storm?

December 9, 2015

Canadian Tire Recalls “Holiday Collection” Christmas Lights

A warning from Health Canada last week that certain holiday lights may post serious safety risks (click here for updated list of products) was issued after testing where Health Canada identified several risks that include overheating, risk of fire and/or electric shock . Canadian Tire has recalled their “Holiday Collection” Christmas lights. Canadian Tire says … Continue reading Canadian Tire Recalls “Holiday Collection” Christmas Lights

October 7, 2015

Fire Prevention Week – Checklist

Do’s Replace any worn out appliances or devices showing signs of age or damage Replace Smoke Detectors every 10 years, replace batteries every year Install interconnected smoke detectors, when one goes off they all go off Install a smoke detector in every bedroom Install a C0 detector in your house. It’s the new law Replace … Continue reading Fire Prevention Week – Checklist

October 6, 2015

Fire Prevention Week – part 3

Installation 3, Any electrical wiring or device is only as good as the person who installed it. Quality workmanship in the installation. service and maintenance of electrical wiring and devices is essential in preventing the potential of electrical fires. Always use a qualified electrical contractor licensed by The Electrical safety Authority.  While many people are … Continue reading Fire Prevention Week – part 3

October 5, 2015

Fire Prevention Week – part 2

In Your Walls 2. Connections inside wall plugs and switches can become loose over time and cause electricity to arc as power flows through it.  This can cause overheating, burning of the wires and discolouration of the switch or plug.  This is not only a fire hazard but can also damage or reduce the life … Continue reading Fire Prevention Week – part 2

October 4, 2015

Fire Prevention Week – part 1

Around Your Home We are kicking off Fire Prevention Week with a 3 part blog that will help you ease into the colder months with some peace of mind about the electrical safety in and around your home. Most electrical fires fall into one of three categories Wiring, electrical devices and appliances that have become … Continue reading Fire Prevention Week – part 1

October 3, 2015

Fire Prevention Week

Electrical Safety Blog October 4th through the 10th is Fire Prevention Week and we at Albright Electric thought it would be the ideal time for the first blog on our website. Our goal is to provide helpful tips and timely, useful information for our customers.   Some of the topics we’ll be covering in the … Continue reading Fire Prevention Week

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