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Residential Electricians serving the GTA, Durham region and Cottage Country

We all have a special connection to the place we call home. At Albright Electric we keep in mind the comfort, safety and energy savings you are trying to achieve whether you are the homeowner, the landlord, or the property manager.

Whether it’s a new home being built, an existing home being renovated or repairs to keep things running smoothly; Albright Electric is your whole home electrical contractor.

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Home & Condo Services

Albright Electric offers a full range of home services from the incoming power supply to the pull chain light fixture in a crawl space. Big or small, we do it all for our customers.

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Commercial Electricians serving the GTA, Durham Region and Cottage Country

If you own or manage a commercial property (store, office, restaurant, business) you know how important it is to have a facility that is in good working condition, especially if you are open to the public.

Don’t lose business due to equipment failure or poor lighting. Call Albright Electric to keep things running smoothly. Albright electric works around your busy schedule to fix your problem when closed to the public for no extra cost.


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Industrial Electricians serving the GTA Durham Region and Cottage Country

Keep your facility’s output strong and healthy to avoid costly shutdowns due to equipment failure. Albright electric can help build or maintain an adequate power supply and distribution for all your devices, equipment and machines.


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